SeqExpress 1.3.2 (beta)

You should download the appropriate SeqExpress release and run the executable to install. A prerequisite for the installation of SeqExpress is the .NET run time (this can be obtained directly from Microsoft).

SeqExpress runs under Windows only.

Download SeqExpress (6 MB)

The main release provides a desktop visualisation and analysis tool for gene expression experiments. The previous stable version is also available.



Download SeqExpress Server (50 MB)

If you wish to install the server, please contact me directly and you will be sent the download URL (due to the size of the file no direct links are made). The server release can be used with up to 5 other machines running SeqExpress on the same LAN. The server release will install the following components on to your system:

An MSDE database instance: this is a named instance (SAGEDB), for more information of configuring the instance (or to migrating to another DBMS) you should contact the author.

SeqExpress database/server: the server is pre-populated with information about human SAGE tags, Unigene references, LocusLink Ids, SGD and GO terms.

SeqExpress client: this is version 1.2.2 of the client. The client can be upgraded separately.

Import/GEO Integration tool: this tool allows for the convenient loading of data from GEO. It can also be used to load proprietary information into the SeqExpress server. This is version 1.0.2


Import Tool (3.5 MB)

The import tool should be installed on the same machine as the SeqExpress Server. This is version 1.0.2

Download SeqExplorer (0.4 MB)

SeqExplorer runs as a standalone executable, and has all necessary files embedded (so there is no installation process). A default ontology and gene association data file is included. This is version 1.0.2.

Download SeqGenome (34KB)

SeqGenome is a genome visualiser which is compatable with GFF and PSL files. It can be used in conjunction with SeqExpress to study correlations between expression profiles and chromosome location.


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