General Help

If you need support, advice or help on using SeqExpress then email your queries to: The support is free and your queries will be answered as soon as possible.


As it is not possible to exhaustively test SeqExpress on every data set under all conditions, defects in the software will undoubtedly become apparent. If you come across any such bug please report it as fully as possible, any bugs that are reported and can be reproduced in SeqExpress will be resolved by the next release. If reporting a bug then details of the data set, how the situation occurred and operating system details will help in the speedy identification and resolution of the problem. To report a defect please email

Beta Releases

To be involved in beta testing and have a means to specify the functionality of future releases please email


If you are a developer in computational biology and are interested in collaboration and/or open source development in C# then please email


A new version of the import/GEO tool is available, it allows for the importing of local proprietary experiment and associated annotation data directly into SeqExpress. It also fixes a number of problems that have been identified. Help and tutorials are available.



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